2020 Home Automation Trends to Watch

No longer buzzwords, AI and smart home technology gained a great deal of traction in 2019. Earlier this year, our team at TCA Electric noticed several emergent home automation trends like smart home security, smart lighting, and smart TVs. For many folks in Vancouver, home automation was a major focus when it came to upgrading their homes, to include the best modern conveniences available in 2019. So, what’s next for home automation? We’re glad you asked! As your Vancouver home automation experts, we’ve identified a few things that will likely be trending in 2020.

Smart furniture moving in

If we’ve learned anything about home automation over the years, it’s that pretty much anything you can imagine can be made smart. Furniture is very much included, as several furniture producers have announced smart products with all sorts of features to improve your quality of life passively. Sleep Number, for instance, is offering a bed that adjusts according to how you’re sleeping (such as if you’re snoring). Smart wardrobes and cabinets help organize your belongings, while smart shelves and pantries keep track of your food items to let you know if you’re running out.

Standardization of automation platforms

As new users of home automation technologies in Vancouver have surely realized, one flaw still present with these technologies is a general lack of any standardized platform. That is, installing a new home automation technology is often only half the battle. New users frequently struggle to find devices compatible with the multiple different operating systems home automation technologies use. Luckily, makers of these technologies are well aware of the issue. Moving forward, different functions and products will begin consolidating, and standards for operating systems will be developed. This will make for a much more seamless user experience, both in terms of installation and operation.

Greater influence on home sales

It can be hard to pin down home buyers’ preferences, as once-popular features such as hot tubs, breakfast nooks, and granite countertops have seen varying degrees of favour over the years. But one trend you can count in the Vancouver market: home automation will be highly sought after, here and elsewhere. The most in-demand technologies will be electrical upgrades that save energy (and thus save money), such as smart thermostats. These upgrades are good investments both for homeowners in it for the long haul and folks looking to sell.

Robotics for household chores

Robots have already taken up residence in many homes, helping out with simple tasks such as vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and washing windows. These machines that lend a hand with menial chores are in high demand already. With automation catching on both inside and outside of the home, look for this trend of robotics to continue, making our lives much simpler and saving us time in our housework.

Greener than ever

As mentioned, green is in, especially when it comes to smart technologies. In 2020, industries will continue to capitalize on this demand and look for new ways to reduce homeowners’ carbon footprints through smart tech. AI-driven technologies such as smart thermostats will only get smarter and, as manufacturing becomes more streamlined, more affordable. Further technologies in this vein have already entered various stages of development, such as smart clothing (allowing smart temperature controls to tailor climate control to the individual) and a greater prevalence of motion sensors.

TCA Electric: Vancouver Home Automation Experts

While these are just a handful of examples of up-and-coming home automation technology, there are many more products already on the market that have helped Vancouver homeowners both save money and enjoy greater convenience. If you want to learn more about how these technologies might be right for your home, contact us today! Our team at TCA Electric has installed numerous home automation technologies throughout Vancouver, and we’re excited about where these technologies will take us next.

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