two ev charging stations installed for a multifamily building in Vancouver

Installing 6 Level 2 EV Charging Stations for Multifamily Building

TCA Installed Six EV Charging Stations for This Multifamily Building EV charging stations are an excellent upgrade for multifamily buildings. Not only do they serve to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building’s residents, but they make EV ownership more accessible for tenants, provide a convenient place to charge each night, and can even […]

a red car plugged in to an EV charger in Vancouver

Vancouver EV Charger Installations: Why a Panel Upgrade Might be Unnecessary

Some Vancouver Homeowners Need a Panel Upgrade Before EV Charger Installation—but You May Have Other Options While EV chargers are a popular home upgrade, especially for those who have recently purchased an electric vehicle, an installation may not always be simple. Some Vancouver homeowners may not have the available power to support a new EV […]

an EV charging spot in a strata parking garage

How to Maximize the Strata EV Charging Rebates 

Get Strata EV Charging Rebates Worth $5,000 Per Connector Apartment and condo residents, property managers, and building owners alike are increasingly turning their attention toward adding EV charging infrastructure to strata housing. Not only is this an ideal way to serve and attract tenants, but it helps reduce overall carbon emissions while providing a potential […]

an EV charger after installation in a Vancouver home

EV Charger Installation Cost

What Can Homeowners Expect to Pay for an EV Charger Installation? EV charging rebates in British Columbia have been a resounding success. For years, BC Hydro provided excellent options to help homeowners, business owners, and residents of multifamily strata invest in charging infrastructure to make the EV ownership experience even better. Now, with rebates for […]

Teslas charging at Level 3 EV charging stations

Level 2 vs Level 3 EV Charging

Wondering About Level 2 vs. Level 3 EV Charging? Here’s What You Should Know EV charging options are highly flexible, and can accommodate the individual needs of homeowners, business owners, and property managers. However, with many options available, you may be wondering about the differences between common EV charging options, such as level 2 vs. […]

multifamily strata property in downtown Vancouver

How the Strata Property Amendment Act Is Making EV Charging Installation More Widely Available

New Strata Property Act Makes EV Charging More Accessible in BC While EV charging itself can be straightforward, there are sometimes other obstacles to installing the needed infrastructure to charge electric vehicles. For multifamily property owners and residents, significant upgrades to a building or complex require approval by the strata corporation. This can potentially create […]

logo for a workplace EV charger parking spot

Electrify Your Workplace: The Compelling Case for Installing EV Chargers

Why You Should Consider a Workplace EV Charger Installation  Business owners must continuously evaluate ways to make their business more efficient, make employees and customers happy, and add revenue wherever possible. When it comes to commercial upgrades and equipment investments, a workplace EV charger installation can accomplish each of these goals—and more. At TCA Electric, […]