an EV charging spot in a strata parking garage

How to Maximize the Strata EV Charging Rebates 

Get Strata EV Charging Rebates Worth $5,000 Per Connector Apartment and condo residents, property managers, and building owners alike are increasingly turning their attention toward adding EV charging infrastructure to strata housing. Not only is this an ideal way to serve and attract tenants, but it helps reduce overall carbon emissions while providing a potential […]

Lion's Gate Bridge near Vancouver, BC

Changes Coming to BC’s EV Charging Rebate Program

BC Hydro Has Made Significant Changes to the EV Charger Rebate Program BC Hydro’s EV charger rebate program has provided significant funding to homeowners, multifamily strata, and workplaces for EV charging systems and electrical infrastructure upgrades. However, while plenty of rebates are still available for EV chargers, the BC Hydro program has shifted significantly. At […]

a white electric car charging in a garage near Vancouver, BC

BC Electric Car Rebates

Apply for a BC Electric Car and Charger Rebate to Maximize Savings One major reason why many Canadians have made the switch from gas- to electric-powered vehicles is the savings potential. Charging an electric vehicle generally costs less than filling up at the pump, and when you pair EV ownership with a home EV charger […]

an EV charger in use after installation

Multifamily EV Charger Installation: Take Advantage of Rebates

EV Charger Installation Has Gotten Much More Affordable EV charger installation is a great way to upgrade a multifamily building with sustainable, forward-thinking infrastructure that will attract green-minded tenants. With more and more Canadian drivers switching to electric vehicles, this is an increasingly important subset of potential tenants to appeal to.  However, while owners of […]

closeup of a BC EV attached to a charger paid for using a rebate

Your 2023 BC EV Charger Rebate Options

Interested in an EV Charger? You Have Many Rebate Options! EV charging stations have been heavily incentivized throughout Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole. This has helped push Canada’s EV adoption farther than ever, but there’s still a long way to go. Because of the continued demand for electric car adoption, BC continues to […]