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Meet the experts at TCA Electric

At TCA Electric, we’re a family. We pride ourselves on the team of electricians and professional support staff that create a fun culture that works together efficiently, and effectively.

Sean Tobin of TCA Electric in North Vancouver.

Sean Tobin


With more than 2 decades of industry experience, Sean leads the TCA Electric team. Together with Glen Carlson, Sean founded TCA in 2009. Sean’s commitment to both his customers and his employees sets TCA apart as a locally owned company, with which we are all proud to be associated. When he’s not managing operations or helping on big jobs, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, camping, traveling and watching UFC. 

Natalie Szuk

Business Development Manager

The newest member of our team, Natalie joined TCA in 2020. In her role as Business Development Manager, Natalie splits her time between maintaining current client relationships, finding new client opportunities and marketing. When she’s not working to shape the future of TCA Electric, Natalie enjoys spending time with her family and her beloved dog Hugo, as well as checking out the Vancouver restaurant and music scenes.

Karen TCA Electric Shop Manager.

Karen Jackson

Office Manager

As the TCA Electric Shop Manager, Karen plays an integral role in our daily operations. Having entered the industry in 2013 and joined the TCA team in 2016, Karen brings with her a wealth of industry-specific knowledge that ensures the success of every project with which she is involved. Amongst a host of other things, Karen assists our project managers, completes estimates, assists with business development and has most recently begun her apprenticeship.

Though she wears many hats, Karen most enjoys the nuances associated with bidding commercial projects. When she’s not hard at work Karen enjoys scuba diving, riding her motorcycle and spending time outdoors.

Picture of Electrician Vancouver

John Urrea

Commercial Project Manager

John began his career in the industry in 2010 and joined the TCA Electric team in 2012. As a Commercial Project Manager, John’s commitment to customer satisfaction helps each of his customers rest easy through every project phase. John’s extensive experience managing the minute details of a wide range of industrial and commercial projects makes him a vital member of the TCA Electric family. In his free time John enjoys snowboarding, riding his motorcycle, video gaming, craft breweries and spending time with friends.

Warren, Residential Project Manager

Warren Ferino

Residential Project Manager

Warren has been a valued member of the TCA team since 2010. During his tenure with TCA, Warren’s role has evolved from an apprentice to a Journeyman to a Project Manager. Having cut his teeth in the electrical industry right here at TCA, Warren has extensive experience across a wide breadth of projects ranging in size, scope and skills required. He most enjoys working with wood frame residential projects and float homes; because each project is as unique as the homes and the clients themselves. When he’s not hard at work, Warren enjoys hiking and camping.

Brad TCA Electrician in North Vancouver.

Brad Pace

Service Project Manager

Having entered the electrical industry in 2015 and joined the TCA Electric team in 2016, Brad is a highly experienced Service Project Manager. He enjoys the challenges that come along with his daily responsibilities and working with the TCA team. When he’s not at work, Brad enjoys camping, playing rugby and walking his dog.

sean blackburn, lead electrician at TCA in Vancouver BC

Sean Blackburn

Lead Electrician

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Sean joined the TCA Electric team in 2016. As a Lead Electrician, Sean enjoys seeing each project through to ensure each phase runs smoothly and the client is happy in the end. Sean’s favourite type of project: working the nightshift on commercial jobs. When he’s not hard at work, Sean enjoys taking his dog for walks and hikes.

Michael Lead Electrician for TCA Electric.

Michael Malihan

Lead Electrician

Michael has been at TCA Electric since 2015. As a Lead Electrician, Michael enjoys the opportunity to learn and grow together as a team and ultimately seeing our clients happy at the end of each project we tackle. When he’s not heading up projects here at TCA, Michael enjoys ham radio and spending time with his kids.

Matt, electrician at TCA

Matt Lambright


Matt entered the industry in 2013 and joined the TCA Electric team in 2018. As one of our licensed Electricians, Matt’s experience and commitment to excellence make him an essential member of the TCA family. Matt thrives on the problem solving that comes along with his role and really enjoys interfacing with clients. When he’s not putting his electrical skills to work here at TCA, Matt enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities and checking out the Vancouver craft beer scene.

Jake Ross

Apprentice Electrician

Jake entered the electrical industry in 2017 and joined the TCA Electric Team in 2018. As an Apprentice Electrician, Jake is currently honing his skills as an electrician and building an extensive skill set in the process. He enjoys the consistent challenges that come along with electrical work and particularly enjoys working in the residential sector. When Jake isn’t at work, he enjoys working out and spending time with friends.

Josh Connell Vancouver electrician

Josh Connell


Josh joined the TCA Electric team in 2021. Having been in the industry since 2013 and primarily worked on commercial electrical projects, Josh brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge. As part of the TCA team, Josh enjoys working on residential projects because no two days are the same and each project presents unique challenges. When he’s not hard at work Josh enjoys playing soccer, hiking and enjoying the wide variety of outdoor activities that British Columbia has to offer. 

megan dunn electrician north shore vancouver bc (1)

Megan Dunn


Megan joined the TCA team in August 2021 after finishing electrician school. Megan enjoys the variety of work being an electrician brings, and especially enjoys electric work on marinas. Megan was drawn to becoming an electrician because of the transformation she gets to be involved in from start to finish on each project, and that her work directly benefits others. When she’s not working, Megan enjoys watching the Montreal Canadiens, hiking and traveling.

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